job announcement

JOB OFFER Branch Khema Toul Kork



-   Nurse (6 Positions)

-     Customer Service

-     House Keeper

-     HR Officer

-     Cashier-Receptionist



·       Cambodian National

·       Previous experience (at least one year)

·       Computer Literacy and able to use spreadsheet application

·       Good English skills in speaking, reading and writing

·       Good computer skills

·       Able to multi task and prioritise

·       Ability to work flexible shifts consisting of 208 hrs per month Night (1900-0700) and Day (0700-1900) shifts


Work conditions: 12 hours per shift and 208 hours per month.
Salary: negotiable dependent on skills & experience.



If you are interested and qualified for the position please send your CV to generalmanager@khemaclinic.com

 Or drop your CV in at Khema Clinic & Maternity reception - #18, Street 528, Toul Kok, Phnom Penh.



job announcement

Position : Customer Service



តួនាទី / Position:

Customer Service

រាយការណ៍ជូន/ Reporting to

            To the Cashier/Receptionist supervisor

មូលដ្ឋានការងារ Work base:

Khema Clinic Phnom Penh


Work conditions:

o ពេញម៉ោង/ Full time                               o មិនពេញម៉ោង/ Part-time

កាលបរិច្ឆេទដែលចង់អោយចាប់ផ្តើម/ Expected start date: ………………………………

កំរិត/ Grade: ……………..




1. Main Duties

Receptionist & Customer service ensure that the needs of customers from Khema Clinic are being satisfied. The aim is to provide excellence in customer well being and service. With aim to bring "Khema clinic” to the highest quality care in Cambodia.

The Receptionist/Customer Service shall work at various levels, from head office to the front end of the business and in most cases will handle face-to-face enquiries from customers.

2. Responsibilities


The Receptionist/Customer Service is the primary contact in Khema clinic. This individual must exhibit superior internal and external customer relations. Multi-tasking is a frequent requirement of this position. This position has primary responsibility of receipting of Khema clients and ensures their stay in the best possible manner.


Results and Expectations


A.    Customer Service/Receptionist

Typical activities are likely to include some or all of the following:

  1. Provide help and advice to customers using the clinic services;


  1. Communicate courteously with customers by telephone, email, letter (including e-mails) and face to face;


  1. Investigate and solving customers' problems, which may be complex or long-standing problems that have been passed on by customer service assistants;


  1. Handle customer complaints or any major incidents;


  1. Issue refunds or compensation to customers;


  1. Keep accurate records of discussions or correspondence with customers;


  1. Analyze statistics or other data to determine the level of customer service then upgrade quality if necessary;


  1. Produce written information for customers, often involving use of computer packages/software;


  1. Write reports analyzing the customer service that Khema Clinic provides;


  1. Develop feedback or complaints procedures for customers to use;


  1. Develop customer service procedures, policies and standards for Khema Clinic;


  1. Meet with other managers to discuss possible improvements to customer service;


  1. Train staff to deliver a high standard of customer service;


  1. Lead or supervise customer service staff;


  1. Learn about Khema Clinic’s products or services and keeping up to date with changes;


  1. Keep ahead of developments in customer service by reading relevant journals, going to meetings and attending courses.




·         Actively studying for high school degree (prefer bachelor in                  administration)

·         2 years experience in customer service related position

·         Friendly, honest, and hard working

·         Very good communication and interdisciplinary skills

·         English language proficiency (reading, writing, listening,                        speaking)

·         Good computer skills (Word, Excel, and Outlook)

·         Good presentation and clients service

·         Team spirit

·         Detail oriented person.




job announcement

Position : Accountant

Job brief

We are looking for an Accountant to manage all financial transactions, from fixed payments and variable expenses to bank deposits and budgets.

Accountant responsibilities include auditing financial documents and procedures, reconciling bank statements and calculating tax payments and returns. To be successful in this role, you should have previous experience with bookkeeping usingQuickbook system and a flair for spotting numerical mistakes.

Ultimately, you will provide us with accurate quantitative information on financial position, liquidity and cash flows of our business, while ensuring we’re compliant with all tax regulations.


·        Posting daily invoices into Quickbook system

·        Control account payable & payable

·        Check daily payment report

·        Close all monthly cash receipts

·        Close cash in Bank (visa card) and other bank reconciliations

·        Follow-up aging accounts payable & A/R

·        Other tasks assigned by the managers


·        Work experience as an Accountant (1 to 2 years)

·        Excellent knowledge of accounting regulations and procedures, Hands-on experience with accounting software like QuickBooks

·        Experience with general ledger functions

·        Strong attention to detail and good analytical skills

·        BSc in Accounting, Finance or relevant degree

·        Speak English a plus.


Contact: generalmanager@khemaclinic.com


 job announcement

Position : Nurse

Job brief

We are looking for Nurse top provide direct primary health care to patients, in collaboration with consulting physician, including identification, management, and/or referral of health problems;



·        Conduct comprehensive health assessments and develop patient care plans within clinical nursing practice and medical care protocols

·         Record patient histories, conduct physical examinations, screen patients to determine the need for hospital admission, making referrals to other disciplines as necessary;

·         Prepare patient workups and summaries noting

·        Order and schedule laboratory and diagnostic procedures;

·        Evaluate outcomes of care delivered

·        Assume accountability for patient care in making decisions, prescribing appropriate medications

·        Collaborate with and act as liaison among the nurse, patient, family, physician

·        Actively pursues required knowledge and skills for professional development;

·         Prepares patients/families for scheduled procedures to assist in patient assessment;

·        Writes initial nursing histories and assesses patients’ conditions;

·        Monitors and ensures accuracy of recording on patient medical records;

·        Other duties as required/requested to ensure the smooth operation of assigned



·        Minimum of  2 - 3 years nursing experience in medical centre or community health care settings;

·        Bilingual (English) preferred;

·        Ability to communicate and collaborate effectively with a variety of professionals and administrative personnel;

·        Strong interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills;

·        Willing to learn and participate in motivate team.

Contact: generalmanager@khemaclinic.com


 job announcement

Position : House Keeper

Job brief

We are looking for House Keeper. He/she is responsible for maintaining day to day hygiene and high standard room service.



·        Ensure patient rooms are continuously supplied with necessary items

·        Manage stocks of supplies in cooperation with others departments

·        Monitor the bed sheet cleaning process with laundry company,

·        Ensure all departments of the clinic is duly refill with bed sheet supplies

·        Supervise a team of cleaners

·        Do weekly report to supervisor




·        Have experience in cleaning

·        Strong interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills;

·        Strong in client service;

·        Basic English is an asset.


Contact: generalmanager@khemaclinic.com


  job announcement

Position : Physiotherapist


Job brief

We are looking for a physiotherapist promoting patients' health and wellbeing, and assist the rehabilitation process by developing and restoring body systems, in particular the neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and respiratory systems.



·        Work with patients to identify the physical problem;

·        Develop and review treatment programs;

·        Assist patients with joint and spinal problems, especially following surgery;

·        Help patients' rehabilitation following accidents, injury and strokes;

·        Assist in the supervision and education of junior physiotherapists;

·        Write patient case notes and reports;

·        Report statistics to the line Manager;

·        Inform and advise patients and their conditions about how to prevent and/or improve their living conditions;

·        Keep up to date with new techniques and technologies available for treating patients;

·        Liaise with other healthcare personnel to supply and receive relevant information about the background and progress of patients, as well as referring patients who require other specific medical attention;




·        3 to 5 years experience in physiotherapy; 

·        Able to communicate in English preferred;

·        Strong interpersonal, communication skills;

·        Willing to learn and participate in motivate team spirit;

·        Client service;

·        Must be patient, flexible, honest, and motivated;

Contact: generalmanager@khemaclinic.com


 job announcement 

Position : Nurse Home Care


Job brief









We are looking for Nurse Home Care under the direction of the Khema Nurse Manager. The Home Health/Care Nurse provides comprehensive nursing care in the community setting that assists patients to achieve optimum health and quality of life in situations of chronic disease, acute illness, injury or through the process of dying.

The Home Health Nurse is responsible for the provision and management of cost effective nursing care to individuals and/or families in the community.

Duties & Respponsibilitites

The Home Health Nurse provides skilled nursing services in accordance with the orders of a physician and under a plan of care. Duties are as follows but not limited to:

a.     Monitoring of vital signs during home care; blood pressure, heart rate, temperature and oximeter statistics;

b.     Monitoring of blood glucose levels, and providing teaching and support for client and family;

c.     Preparation and/or administration of medications including Pre-Medications, Pre-Load Syringes as required;

d.      Medication monitoring and support for patients with acute or chronic health conditions;

e.     Observing skin colour, texture and general condition;

f.        Wound assessment and dressing changes;

g.     Monitor and care of catheters and ostomy;

h.      Skilled in I.V. Therapy;

i.        Ability to monitor chemo toxicity and knowledge of chemo medications;

j.        Monitor pain control;

k.      Cardiac Assessments;

l.        Supervision/health teaching and support for family and caregivers on regular basis;

m.    Ability to assess mental status;

n.     Report concerns and/or changes in patients health to care manager and/or service manager or other health care professional;


·        BSN or ADN is required.

·        Conversant in English

·        Additional degrees/certificates may be preferred or required. (First Aid and CPR training will be dispensed at Khema facilities).


1.      Work Experience:

a.     Minimum three (1) year’ experience as Nurse.

b.     Demonstrated sound clinical nursing knowledge and experience in providing direct client care.

c.     Computer skills (Excel, internet, e-mail...)


2.      Skills/Abilities:

a.     Proven ability to apply advanced clinical nursing skills in a home care setting;

b.     Proven ability to problem solve and to adapt nursing interventions as appropriate;

c.     Demonstrated ability to develop and facilitate health teaching;

d.     Implements nursing strategies or interventions according to the established care plan;

e.     Describes, evaluates and documents client’s/family’s/caregivers responses to care plans utilizing established procedures;

f.       Utilizes appropriate interviewing and communication skills to obtain information from the client/family/caregiver;

g.     Describes and documents nursing processes clearly, concisely, accurately and appropriately, according to Khema structure standards;

h.     Evaluates client’s/families/caregiver’s responses to care plan for achievement of realistic client-centred outcome and advises Nurse Manager as required;

i.        Demonstrates respect for patient’s choices and decisions;

j.        Reports and discusses clients’ status on a regular basis with other members of the health care team;

k.      Proven understanding of and the ability to translate relevant health legislation into agency based policies and procedures;

l.        Excellent interpersonal, organizational, time management, decision making, problem-solving, and leadership skills;

m.    Ability to maintain confidentiality;

n.     Ability to follow direction and work within the policies, procedures and the vision, mission and core values of Khema Structures;

 Contact: generalmanager@khemaclinic.com



Doctor Profile

  • Sophareine Samphon
  • Chantha Hor
  • Rathvirak Niv
  • Sophearachna Ravuth
  • Ratana Kea
  • Mala Ngy
  • Kimdany Sam Ang
  • Kongdany Chea
  • Pros Ly
  • Sopheap Bou
  • Sengleap Men
  • Vannarith Kao
  • Sokchann Khan
  • Marineth Sok
  • Koung Sok
  • Oy Heang
  • Libertine Man
  • Sovutha Sun
  • Heng Sok
  • Solina Say
  • Solinina Kong
  • Ratha Mlis
  • Chhiv Ieng Ly
  • Pisey Pen
  • Cheng Niep Ou
  • Borang Mao
  • Sopheak Mak
  • Sokuntheavy Ly
  • Chanmoniroth Lim
  • Phearith Lek
  • Rerksa Prak
  • Sina Ry
  • Chanlina Vong
  • Chantheary Vann
  • Sovannaroth Ty
  • Chanseiha Thoeurng
  • Pichnissay Tim
  • Tholyta Thai
  • Ratha Soum
  • Gaetan Khim
  • Pagna Kep
  • Vanna Keo
  • Sophanna Heng
  • Sokchan Sim
  • Thong Phe
  • Tola Hok
  • Leakhena Som