Job Openings:

  • Internship – Doctor and Nurse internships available to national and international students.  Please contact us at info@khemaclinic.com for application instructions.
  • We are always looking for new individuals to join our courageous and talented team.  Are you interested in working at an institution that places such high value on healthcare, hospitality, and customer service?  Please send your desired position, CV, and cover letter to humanresource@khemaclinic.com

Current Openings:

 Human Resources/Administration Officer


The Human Resource/Admin Officer is responsible for providing support in the various human resource functions, which include recruitment, staffing, training and development, performance monitoring and employee counseling. IN the same time and holding this position the person will perform daily administrative jobs.  

ទំនួលខុសត្រូវចំបងៗ (Key Responsibilities)
1.Provide support to supervisors and staff to develop the skills and capabilities of staff.
  • Provide advice and assistance with writing job descriptions
  • Provide advice and assistance when conducting staff performance evaluations
  • Identify training and development opportunities
  • Organize staff training sessions, workshops and activities
  • Process employee requests for outside training while complying with policies and procedures
  • Provide basic counseling to staff who have performance related obstacles
  • Provide advice and assistance in developing human resource plans
  • Provide staff orientations including resignation debriefing 
2.Monitor staff performance and attendance activities.

  • Monitor daily attendance
  • Investigate and understand causes for staff absences
  • Recommend solutions to resolve chronic attendance difficulties
  • Provide basic counseling to staff that have performance related obstacles
  • Provide advice and recommendations on disciplinary actions
  • Monitor scheduled absences such as holidays or travel and coordinate actions to ensure the staff absence has been adequately covered off to ensure continuity of services
  • Inform affected staff or residents of unexpected absences from work and coordinate actions ensuring the continuity of services such as cancellation of events and locating keys
  • Update AL (check finger print)

3.Coordinate staff recruitment and selection process in order to ensure a timely organized and comprehensive procedure is used to hire staff.

  • Provide advice and assistance to supervisors on staff recruitment
  • Prepare notices and advertisements for vacant staff positions
  • Schedule and organize interviews
  • Participate in applicant interviews
  • Conduct reference checks on possible candidates
  • Prepare, develop and implement procedures and policies on staff recruitment
  • Inform unsuccessful applicants
  • Conduct exit interviews

4.Provide information and assistance to staff, supervisors on human resource and work related issues.

  • Develop and implement a human resources plan and personnel management policies and procedures
  • Promote workplace safety
  • Provide advice and assistance to staff and management on pay and benefits systems
  • Explain and provisions of the personnel policy
  • Explain employment standards and legislation such as workers compensation, labor standards
  • Organize the transitional provisions of employee compensation, pay and benefits when positions are transferred or new positions are funded through contribution agreements and other special funding arrangements
  • Attend  meetings to provide information, when necessary

5.Supervise administrative services 

  • Manage the filing, storage and security of documents
  • Respond to inquiries
  • Maintain insurance coverage’s
  • Issue permits and licenses
  • Assist with preparation and advertising of contract documents
  • Administer contract
  • Monitor letter in and out (if any)
  • Prepare administrative letter (birth certificate ...)
  • Arrange training, meeting, track record, minute meeting 

6.Perform administrative tasks as requested by the finance & General Managers. 



ទីតាំងការងារ : មន្ទីរសំរាកព្យាបាល និងសម្ភពខេមា​ (ទួលគោក ភ្នំពេញ)

Job Announcement

Location: KHEMA Clinic & Maternity (Toul Kork, Phnom Penh)/Khema Flower Shop (Camko City, Phnom Penh)

      ​​​​​​​      ជំនួយការផ្នែកទីផ្សារ                                   Marketing Assistant

សូមដោនឡូតលីងខាងក្រោមនេះដើម្បីអានអំពី តួនាទី និងទំនួលខុសត្រូវលើផ្នែកទីផ្សារ

Please download link below to read job description for marketing position  


To apply: Please send CV and salary requirements to amber@khemaclinic.com and generalmanager@khemaclinic.com
Deadline: May 9th, 2016.

Doctor Profile

  • Sophareine Samphon
  • Chantha Hor
  • Rathvirak Niv
  • Sophearachna Ravuth
  • Ratana Kea
  • Mala Ngy
  • Kimdany Sam Ang
  • Kongdany Chea
  • Pros Ly
  • Sopheap Bou
  • Sengleap Men
  • Vannarith Kao
  • Sokchann Khan
  • Marineth Sok
  • Koung Sok
  • Oy Heang
  • Libertine Man
  • Sovutha Sun
  • Heng Sok
  • Solina Say
  • Solinina Kong
  • Ratha Mlis
  • Chhiv Ieng Ly
  • Pisey Pen
  • Cheng Niep Ou
  • Borang Mao
  • Sopheak Mak
  • Sokuntheavy Ly
  • Chanmoniroth Lim
  • Phearith Lek
  • Rerksa Prak
  • Sina Ry
  • Chanlina Vong
  • Chantheary Vann
  • Sovannaroth Ty
  • Chanseiha Thoeurng
  • Pichnissay Tim
  • Tholyta Thai
  • Ratha Soum
  • Gaetan Khim
  • Pagna Kep
  • Vanna Keo
  • Sophanna Heng
  • Sokchan Sim
  • Thong Phe
  • Tola Hok
  • Leakhena Som