Emergency - Ambulance Service & ICU

Our Emergency Room (ER) consists of three general beds and one resuscitation bed.  It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and staffed with experienced nurses and doctors.

The ER serves the following purposes:
Triage the patients in order, and those requiring urgent care will be seen first
To diagnose and treat acute and urgent illnesses and injuries
Provide emergency treatment to stabilize critical care patients until they are transferred to ICU
Review patients that have follow up appointments
Assess and renew dressings and other small procedures
Recover patients from day surgery such as Endoscopies and other minor surgeries.

Emergency Phone Number : 099 667066


Intensive Care Unit

Our two bed Intensive care unit (ICU) is fully equipped with up to date technology. The ICU staff consists of doctors, nurses and nurse assistants, anesthetists, physiotherapists, and pharmacists. Patients may have special equipment in their room, depending on their unique situation and condition. Patients are connected to machines to monitor their heart, blood pressure, and respiratory rate. Ventilators (breathing machines) assist some patients with breathing until they are able to breathe on their own. The equipment in the ICU may seem overwhelming, so patients and families are encouraged to ask the staff any questions relating to the care of their loved ones.

The unit has two purposes –
Provide critically ill patients with a secure and safe environment and the patients are closely monitored by experienced Doctors and Nurses. 
Safely recover postoperative patients before transferring them to the IPD

The clinic’s anesthetists are on call that work in OR and recover the patients, and also in the ICU to monitor any sick patients.  Relevant specialists are in the ICU every day to review the cases in their care.


Doctor Profile

  • Sophareine Samphon
  • Chantha Hor
  • Rathvirak Niv
  • Sophearachna Ravuth
  • Ratana Kea
  • Mala Ngy
  • Kimdany Sam Ang
  • Kongdany Chea
  • Pros Ly
  • Sopheap Bou
  • Sengleap Men
  • Vannarith Kao
  • Sokchann Khan
  • Marineth Sok
  • Koung Sok
  • Oy Heang
  • Libertine Man
  • Sovutha Sun
  • Heng Sok
  • Solina Say
  • Solinina Kong
  • Ratha Mlis
  • Chhiv Ieng Ly
  • Pisey Pen
  • Cheng Niep Ou
  • Borang Mao
  • Sopheak Mak
  • Sokuntheavy Ly
  • Chanmoniroth Lim
  • Phearith Lek
  • Rerksa Prak
  • Sina Ry
  • Chanlina Vong
  • Chantheary Vann
  • Sovannaroth Ty
  • Chanseiha Thoeurng
  • Pichnissay Tim
  • Tholyta Thai
  • Ratha Soum
  • Gaetan Khim
  • Pagna Kep
  • Vanna Keo
  • Sophanna Heng
  • Sokchan Sim
  • Thong Phe
  • Tola Hok
  • Leakhena Som