General Surgery

Our general and specialist surgeons are all certified to provide surgical procedures with international standards.  Along with general surgery, our specialists can perform surgeries in the areas of Visceral, Orthopedic, Neurological, Spinal, Urology, and Gynecology.  The operating facilities at Khema Clinic are fully equipped with modern technology. Strict infectious control processes are in place, with a sterilization system attached to the Operating Room. All Orthopedic material is imported from Europe and the USA.  Common surgical services that we offer include:

Herniotomy (Inguinal Hernia, Abdominal Wall Hernia, Incisional hernia)
Hip replacements
Orthopedic Surgery
Small Incision
Stomach Surgery
Tumor Removal Surgery
Varicose Vein Surgery
Wound Care


Doctor Profile

  • Sophareine Samphon
  • Chantha Hor
  • Rathvirak Niv
  • Sophearachna Ravuth
  • Ratana Kea
  • Mala Ngy
  • Kimdany Sam Ang
  • Kongdany Chea
  • Pros Ly
  • Sopheap Bou
  • Sengleap Men
  • Vannarith Kao
  • Sokchann Khan
  • Marineth Sok
  • Koung Sok
  • Oy Heang
  • Libertine Man
  • Sovutha Sun
  • Heng Sok
  • Solina Say
  • Solinina Kong
  • Ratha Mlis
  • Chhiv Ieng Ly
  • Pisey Pen
  • Cheng Niep Ou
  • Borang Mao
  • Sopheak Mak
  • Sokuntheavy Ly
  • Chanmoniroth Lim
  • Phearith Lek
  • Rerksa Prak
  • Sina Ry
  • Chanlina Vong
  • Chantheary Vann
  • Sovannaroth Ty
  • Chanseiha Thoeurng
  • Pichnissay Tim
  • Tholyta Thai
  • Ratha Soum
  • Gaetan Khim
  • Pagna Kep
  • Vanna Keo
  • Sophanna Heng
  • Sokchan Sim
  • Thong Phe
  • Tola Hok
  • Leakhena Som