OBGYN & Maternity

The OBGYN department consists of two branches.  The Obstetrics branch deals with all pregnancy care for women.  From pre-pregnancy to postnatal, our Obstetricians care for women during the entire pregnancy process.  The Gynecology department deals with all other things related to women's health care.  Some common gynecologic problems include abnormal bleeding, chronic pelvic pain, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, and loss of bladder control.  Gynecologists recommend and annual "Well Woman" exam that consists of a pap smear, breast exam, and consultation with a Gynecologist.  This ensures your overall health as a woman.

Some additional information about our Antenatal Care includes: 

We provide care for all women during the entire pregnancy. The follow up is done by Obstetrics & Gynecology Doctors with experience from in-country and abroad. We offer ultrasound and all necessary pregnancy tests. In addition, we offer Antenatal Education classes in which you and your partner will learn, in great detail, important information about your pregnancy, the birthing experience, and postnatal care for you and your new baby.   The classes include:

Session 1: Pregnancy - My Beautiful 9 Months
Session 2: How to Prepare Yourself for the Birth
Session 3: Childbirth – Trust Yourself and Your Instinct
Session 4:  Mother’s Milk – Gift of Nature. Breastfeeding time
Session 5: How to Take Care of Baby
Session 6: Postpartum – And What Now? 

Our expertly trained expatriate Midwife Manager and team of midwives will provide their professional knowledge and experience, to ensure you are fully prepared to become a mother. We pride ourselves in providing the best services to you in order fully experience the magical moments of becoming parents.

Birthing Options - 
The clinic provides several birthing methods, each with their own birthing rooms. 

Traditional - The traditional medical delivery room is temperature controlled and specifically designed for delivery services.  Epidural is available.  The epidural is a spinal block that dulls the pain of childbirth.  You will still be able to feel your baby being born, but the pain will be lessened by this safe and widely used medicine.  

Natural - The natural birthing room includes a comfortable birthing bed, private bathroom and bath tub, and a sofa for your partner or family member. We support a philosophy of working with the natural process of labor and birth. This approach promotes walking around, remaining upright (where possible), choosing positions for labor and birth freely, and finding ways to relax and painless in a warmed water bath tub. 

Caesarean Section -   Occasionally a C-section is the safest option to give birth.  If the mother is unable to give birth vaginally, has a particular medical condition, there is a problem with the baby, or the baby is positioned a certain way in the womb, a C-section is a necessary and safe surgical procedure.  Your doctors will keep you informed throughout your pregnancy of this option.

Whichever birthing option you choose, you are provided with 24 hour midwifery care, doctors on duty 24/7, and your primary doctor on call.

Complications and High Risk Pregnancies – 
We understand that each pregnancy is a unique and individual situation.  We have specific services in place to help with any complications which may arise with you or your baby.  During all stages of the pregnancy, we ensure that you and your baby will be closely monitored and adequately informed at all times.

Postpartum Follow Up- 
Your baby will be awarded a Birth Certificate in English and Khmer. Your pediatric and midwife team will provide immediate support for breastfeeding and proper newborn care.  After the birth, you, your partner, and new baby can stay together in a private room that has its own en suite bathroom.  During your stay, you and baby are supported by an Obstetrics & Gynecology Doctor, Pediatrician, and Midwives.  Newborn baby screenings and vaccinations are also available. 

Baby Bonus –
From the moment you begin your pregnancy with Khema Clinic – your baby becomes one of our patients as well.  Your baby will receive automatic membership into our "Baby Bonus” program, offering discounts at the clinic for the first 24 months of their lives.  This membership includes:
  • 30% discount on outpatient services including medication, vaccinations, and investigation
  • 20% discount for any inpatient services including medication, investigation, suppliers, and room fee


Doctor Profile

  • Sophareine Samphon
  • Chantha Hor
  • Rathvirak Niv
  • Sophearachna Ravuth
  • Ratana Kea
  • Mala Ngy
  • Kimdany Sam Ang
  • Kongdany Chea
  • Pros Ly
  • Sopheap Bou
  • Sengleap Men
  • Vannarith Kao
  • Sokchann Khan
  • Marineth Sok
  • Koung Sok
  • Oy Heang
  • Libertine Man
  • Sovutha Sun
  • Heng Sok
  • Solina Say
  • Solinina Kong
  • Ratha Mlis
  • Chhiv Ieng Ly
  • Pisey Pen
  • Cheng Niep Ou
  • Borang Mao
  • Sopheak Mak
  • Sokuntheavy Ly
  • Chanmoniroth Lim
  • Phearith Lek
  • Rerksa Prak
  • Sina Ry
  • Chanlina Vong
  • Chantheary Vann
  • Sovannaroth Ty
  • Chanseiha Thoeurng
  • Pichnissay Tim
  • Tholyta Thai
  • Ratha Soum
  • Gaetan Khim
  • Pagna Kep
  • Vanna Keo
  • Sophanna Heng
  • Sokchan Sim
  • Thong Phe
  • Tola Hok
  • Leakhena Som